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DrugTissueCult is divided into four research workpackages that will focus on Thapsigargin (WP1+WP3) and on Witheferin A (WP2+4) as illustrated below. Tissue culture lines able to synthesize Thapsigargin and Witheferin are a promising alternative to the current production systems, and is a unique opportunity to study enzymes involved in the biosynthesis, especially when only little plant material is available.

In DrugTissueCult we will develop a large collection of tissue cultures line producing Thapsigargin and Witheferin A. These lines will be used to develop elite lines that produce high amounts of the target molecules and this is the major milestone of DrugTissieCult.

The many new outcomes expected from DrugTissueCult and the set-up provided by Alkion has promising abilities to solve the supply issue and provide significant results.

Research Overview

The work packages represented through the biosynthesis of Thapsigargin and Withaferin A.

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