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Associate Professor Henrik Toft Simonsen, DTU Systems Biology, 
will be the main supervisor of ESR1. Henrik’s main interest is sesquiterpenoids from the plant family Apiaceae, and especially sesquiterpenoid lactones. This includes the high value compound thapsigargin, which biosynthesis we are working on elucidating. This also include collaboration with the company GenSpera that currently develop Thapsigargin into a drug. 

Professor Søren Bak, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen, is the daily coordinator of the project and will be the main supervisor of ESR2. Søren’s main interest is to study the impact of evolution of plant multigene families and their impact on plant genomes, natural products, natural variation and interactions with insects and microbes. Søren’s research group have for a number of years focused on the biosynthesis of triterpenoids in plants, mainly from the plant family Brassicaceae. 

Franck Michoux
is one of the scientific founders, President and the CSO of Alkion Biopharma. Franck Michoux will co-supervise both ESR1 and 2, and be the main contact person during the two fellows research period at Alkion Biopharma.

Carmen Quinonero Lopez, PhD fellow

Georgios Ntallas, PhD Student

Katrine Mohr, Project Manager

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